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So, these two met on my blog and it looked quite extraordinary.






This is Saber. He’s an 11-month-old rednose Pit Bull with one blue eye and one brown eye. He is a wonderful dog who will cuddle with you and lick your face and sleep on your bed.

And he needs a home.

My roommate and I have been keeping him in our dorm on and off for about a month. My roommate saved him from a shelter at her home in California, where he had pneumonia and would have died had she not helped him. She moved down to Tampa Bay, and when she was admitted to our school, she was told she was only allowed to keep one of her two dogs in the dorm with her. So she gave Saber to a friend.

That friend started beating him.

When the now former friend didn’t want him anymore, a guy who answered a Craigslist ad offered to take him. Only a day after he took Saber in, she got a call from him saying that Saber had chewed up and destroyed a lot of his stuff (there’s still no actual evidence to suggest that he did), and that either she came to get him, and brought money to pay for the ‘damages’, or Saber was going to be dropped at the shelter, where his breed would most likely get him euthanized.

I came with her the night she went to that man’s house. He insisted that we give him $500 or we wouldn’t get him back; essentially, Saber was being held hostage. We watched him throw Saber’s food in the trash can. We had to call the police to get him back to us.

Saber spent three weeks living in our dorm room; and we were lucky that they didn’t find out. Our college’s pet policy forbids more than one pet per student, and we both already have dogs. They also forbid Pit Bulls for insurance reasons (ugh). But my roommate found him a home with a nice couple. 

A week later, she got a call, saying that the couple had been arrested (yes really!). The day before, Saber had been neutered, and was not getting the proper pain meds and care he needed. He came back to us that night, much thinner than he’d left.

Saber is living in our dorm room again, and we know it’s only a matter of time before the pet council discovers him. We don’t know what punishment could ensue from that- my roommate could be forbidden from keeping any pets, or both of us could be fined. We know one thing- if the pet council discovers him, we’ll be forced to ‘get rid of him’, which may force us to put him in a shelter, which we really, really don’t want to do. We love him, but it’s not in his- or our- best interest to keep him.

We’ve called just about every animal rescue in the area- a lot of no-kill shelters won’t take Pit Bulls because they’re so much harder to adopt, and many other no-kill shelters, rescues, fosters, etc, are just full, or don’t take owner surrenders. We’re running out of options.

So, Tumblr, we need your help. If you’d like this really amazing and sweet dog to be yours, or if you’re part of a rescue organization that can take him, please send me an ask or email me at zmcadler93@gmail.com, and we’ll go forward from there.

Even if you can’t take him for whatever reason (which is okay), please, if you’re seeing this message, please reblog this. We need as many people as possible to see this message, so that he can find the home he’s desperate for.

Thanks for reading.


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#Always reblog #because Mark just comes out of fucking no where #and plants that kiss on Andrew’s cheek #because FUCK YOU #HE’S MARK GATISS #AND HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS

The smile on Andrew’s face as he realizes what Mark’s about to do it’s absolutely precious.

Maybe if I get someone to film me talking about what a brilliant writer he is, Mark will pop up out of no where to give me a smooch.

The absolute cutest thing is Andrew’s giggle.

I owe you a thousand apologies